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Your daily pic of Eicca Toppinen
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This community is for the posting of Pictures of Eicca Toppinen

1)Please inclued at last one picture of Eicca in every post you make.

2) Use LJ Cut if the picture is very big and needs a lot of time to load. There are still people with dial-up connections!

3)If you don't have webspace to upload a picture, send it to the maintainers of the community, they will do it for you!

4)No flames!

5) Any kind of picture is allowed. But don't to picture teasing. (Saying that you have a certain pic, like Eicca with his kids/wife, but you won't show it. if you don't want to share a pic, don't even mention that you have it)

6)Do not pimp your community without permission of the mods. Said permission will only be given to people who have contributed to eicca_daily before.
After you got the permission your post must still include a picture that fits rule 5 - even if you post a banner for your community or website that includes Eicca

7) Drool as much as you like!

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