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random picspam
the judas kiss.
misconstructed wrote in eicca_daily
Since it's been awhile since anyone's posted here, and since I just yesterday got all my Apo pics moved from my external drive to my laptop, I thought I'd upload a few random pics/favourite photos for a picspam. These are probably all at least a couple of years old, and there's probably not anything you haven't seen before, but hey, we can never have too much Eicca.


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PLEASE tell me you have a copy of this video that you can upload, or tell me where to find it. I have tried to find it for soooo long and can't. Thanks!

I think it should be on Youtube somewhere

I don't know, I had it up there before and when MTV/Viacom caused a lot of videos to be taken down that one was taken down too :-( and I just did a search on YT and no one's reuploaded it since

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