Eicca in the recording studio.
apo - eicca b/w
They guys have been recording their new album the past weeks, and they've posted pictures on their facebook. Since it has been so awfully quiet here for a while I thought I'd post the ones from Eicca here too, enjoy!

Thought I'd update with this, if it's okay
Only one thing, but it's Eicca nonetheless :D

The magazine I scanned this from was a KERRANG! special on Metallica. They did a page on Apocalyptica's Metallica covers, and Eicca featured in the header:
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Enjoy, all.

Eicca interviews Lars Ulrich
other - red lips
From Apo's MySpace:

It is just a few days ago when Apocalyptica and Metallica met again this year. This time at the great Ozzfest in Dallas, TX.
As explained several times without Metallica there would be no Apocalyptica. Reason enough to get Eicca and Lars into one room and having a chat about the new Metallica album.
Curious to hear? ... no problem... simply click here.

Pic taken by me [lestatswife] at Stufstock Festival, Romania, August 14 2008.

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Some stuff from Poland
Ola peace
Hey guys!
Wanna see some pics and videos of Eicca from the last gig in Warsaw, Poland? ;>

In this week's Kerrang...
 Hopefully this'll get the place moving again.

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bill march 2
Did an apo picspam in my journal of pix i saved from apo_daily. It's not just Eicca but ofcourse he's in there a lot. So I thought i'd link you guys to it too. you can see it here

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bill march 2
The massive picpsam i promised misconstructed is Here 148 eicca pix

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bill march 2

Hey everyone...this is my new community... http://community.livejournal.com/rppersonals/ . Everyone that liks to RP from any fandom, check it out, put your profile on, and promote it for me?? You can use the banner I'm using here if you want. I finally went through and made the graphics so it's all pretty. This is basically going to be a meeting place for people to rp with instead of an actually rp community. If you have any questions you can reply here, especially if it isnt something addressed in the profile.


and i promise a major Eicca spam from me soon...I haven't forgotten misconstructed.

random picspam
the judas kiss.
Since it's been awhile since anyone's posted here, and since I just yesterday got all my Apo pics moved from my external drive to my laptop, I thought I'd upload a few random pics/favourite photos for a picspam. These are probably all at least a couple of years old, and there's probably not anything you haven't seen before, but hey, we can never have too much Eicca.

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Pic post!
 Hi guys. Long time no post. Pic post as title states. Few pics I found on Bebo that I have not seen before- sorry if some of you have.

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